Emojis Explained

June 17, 2016

The complete guide to every single new emoji in iOS 9.1


Image: Bob Al-Greene/Mashable
When you’re at a loss for words, emoji can fill the silence. Now, you have 184 more to choose from.

Apple released iOS 9.1 for iPhone and iPad on Wednesday, and the update includes new wallpapers and support for Live Photos. But the most exciting update, of course, is the new emoji. Scrolling through your emoji keyboard can be overwhelming, so we’ve rounded them up here for you.

There are some you’ve probably been waiting for (the middle finger, taco and burrito) but there are others we didn’t even know we wanted until this week (the unicorn and Vulcan Salute/Spock/Star Trek ones). Then there are few that imply much more than their face value, like the mysterious eye.

We’ve divided the full slate into categories, below, along with suggestions for how to use each.